Date: 02/20/2017

Two years ago, we commented on two promising events developing that were supportive of the Vanagon community - the burgeoning presence of Classic VW (Germany) and the entrepreneurial efforts of businesses and individuals to fill in the gaps. During this past two years both of these efforts have flourished. In our opinion, Classic VW has done an excellent job of consolidating original equipment manufacturer parts, new manufacturer to original spec parts, and old remaining stock of new parts to provide the best quality parts available for many essential items that we worried were disappearing for good. We now purchase over 250 part numbers from them and find ourselves on a continuous order cycle, whereby a large new order is placed each time the previous order is received and stocked. And based on the visits we receive a few times a year from Classic representatives (likely additionally influenced by the attraction of our weather), we are lead to believe that the feeling is mutual as they profess their appreciation for the volume of business we are conducting with them. Separately, the efforts of both businesses and individuals to fill the gaps continue. Not long after a part disappears, it seems someone in the Vanagon community steps up with a plan to produce that part or design and manufacture a suitable alternative, and this is separate from the development or adaptation of creature comfort products that work on the Vanagon to improve on the driving and/or camping experience. Following is a list of items that have returned to being available after varying lengths of being absent, along with some new products: *German Mud Flaps front and rear * Carrot Alloy Wheels 15" and 16" - Wheels and Packages * Trailmaster Complete Suspension Packages for Syncro Tin Top or Westy * Iron Man Products - Awnings - Fridges * Automatic Transmission Coolers * Emergency Road Kit * All Complete Coolant Hose Kits - Yes, Syncro - 1.9 ltr - 2.1 ltr manual trans - 2.1 ltr auto trans (quite the juggle to keep all these hoses from various sources (US supply/German supply/silicone hoses) in stock to make these kits complete). And here follow a few other items that we have been out of for a while that will be returning in the near future: German 16" Steel Wheels due in January Pillar Trim (front rain gutter molding) due during December If interested, please feel free to email us if you would like to be contacted when they arrive.