Pressurized Aluminum Reservoir

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Pressurized Aluminum Reservoir

SKU: 025.121.403.ALUM

Price: $245.00


The plastic reservoirs on the market today are not that great and we scratch our heads on what VW was thinking to use plastic threaded level sensors into hot pressurized coolant bottles. We are very pleased to be offering an aluminum, tig welded reservoir that includes pressurized locking tab and a threaded coolant level sensor. The tank itself should be sufficient for the ground on the sensor, but if your coolant light stays on, you might need to run a ground from the mounting bolt to the chassis.  When trying to upgrade the cooling system to reduce risks of breakdowns, this is a big improvement over the original design. WIRING INSTRUCTIONS:

If you need a new (extra) coolant level sensor please click here. If you need a new reservoir cap they are available at almost any automotive store. They are made by Stant and use part number 31518.

Fits all 1.9ltr and 2.1ltr vans. Please check the appropriate model below when ordering.

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