Recaro Specialist M - Nardo / Artista

Recaro Specialist M - Nardo / Artista | Seat Parts

Recaro Specialist M - Nardo / Artista


Price: $2,850.00


Recaro Seats - yes we stock some and we special order others - Please call or emails for more details.
We do generally keep in stock black cloth pairs and grey cloth pairs. For those of you who speak Recaro, these are Specialist M seats with Nardo / Artista material.  Arm rests and brackets with sliders for the Vanagon are included.

Have you ever driven a Vanagon with Recaro seats? Not only are your back, neck and shoulders not worse off for a long drive, I have a hunch these seats have curative powers that fix your back problems while you drive.

As these are oversize and multiple boxes, website shipping calculator is not accurate on these.  Please contact shop for accurate shipping costs.

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