Syncro Complete Exhaust Kit

Syncro Complete Exhaust Kit | Complete Exhaust System

Syncro Complete Exhaust Kit


Price: $774.95


Complete Exhaust Kit for SYNCRO Vanagons 1986-1991. This kit includes the following items muffler strap(quan. 2), exhaust tip, 2.1L muffler, cat. convertor, (SYNCRO ONLY)manifold 1-3, manifold 2-4, elbow(cast), elbow to cat(steel), gasket kit and hardware kit. California has initiated a new rule regarding special catalytic converters. You can choose below for the regular 49 state Federal version or the California model which cost more. To keep the price down, please note that our kit does not include the two brackets/cradles that the muffler sits in as these brackets are often in good shape. Should you need them they can be purchased separately here Left and Right.

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