We sit here in our little neck of the world and ponder where else in the world did VW export Vanagons back in the day, that might give life to still thriving Vanagon enthusiasts and communities today. While we slave away here packaging all manner of Vanagon parts to send out to various obscure corners of the planet, some destinations will reoccur with more frequency and let us piece together where they are all hiding. Well, if we had ever wondered if our right-hand drive friends down under knew about Vanagons, this was the year we heard a resounding yes that the Vanagon is alive and well there. When I visited your fine country in the 80's everyone seemed to drive a Holden, so I am happy to hear there's a little more variety now. First and foremost we would like to thank all of our Australian customers for their business and support this year. We do realize that shipping costs are a major factor and we work hard to figure the best, affordable option in each case. We do want to highlight a few initiatives we have been working on. As you may already know, for many smaller, light weight items US Post Priority Mail cannot be beat (especially when it fits into their special flat rate boxes). But for packages over 20 lbs and slightly larger dimensions, we have recently negotiated more favorable rates with DHL for our international shipping - they are fast and have the added bonus that, although they will collect duties, they are not charging a brokerage fee (as UPS and Fedex tend to do). Additionally,we know that each individual international transaction carries costs and we are aware that there may be other items in the US that you are interested in purchasing. We are always willing to accommodate your needs. Want to purchase something on ebay? Win the bid and have it shipped to us. Want something from one of the other Vanagon vendors that we don't offer - just let us know and we'll get it for you. Same for items that have nothing to do with Vanagons (but do discuss it with us first). We will consolidate your orders and ship it all as one order. We appreciate your business and will do what it takes to earn it.