Wind and Rain Deflector (pair)

Wind and Rain Deflector (pair) | Exterior

Wind and Rain Deflector (pair)

SKU: VC.70106

Price: $49.95


These have a light tint to them and help keep wind and all other type of weather out of your Vanagon. Made in Germany. These wedge into the door's window frames inside the felt channel.  They serve a good purpose, but do understand that they put a little strain on the window regulator at the top of the range until the felt channel compresses with a little use and then absorbs the extra thickness of the deflector.

*Installation Note* These units are very fragile, when rolling the window up for the first time be sure that you are going slowly and "help" the window slide past the plastic deflector. Let the window stay up for a few hours with the Vanagon in sunlight for everything to settle nicely.

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